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Neon Classics

Nietzsche’s late writings that express more and more doubt about religion’s benefits to humankind, and his theory of perspectivism that situates all constructs within the cultural contexts that create them, are central to my thinking about religion and Christianity in particular. I share the idea that religion is perspectivism. This series of collages aims to communicate this belief through deliberate disruptions of Christian iconography that presents Christian narratives as universals.

This is achieved by appropriating important Western art-historical images juxtaposed with my visual lexicon. Silver-leaf ellipses interrupt the classical compositions and cut, separate, distort, or otherwise interfere with the original religious messages. These blunt interventions signify the blocks in our consciousness that make truly reckoning with perspectivism impossible. Neon pinks and oranges are shot through the compositions to undermine further the monochromatic stability in the old masters' art prints. Ink stamps on the peripheries of the collage compositions spell out in sign language core ideas as well as the title of each piece.